My Mouth, the Sea - Debut Album to be released Nov. 2013

Portland, Oregon-based duo Goose & Fox (comprised of Noah Woodburn and Allison Hall) have created an ambitious debut album stocked with big vocals and lush instrumentation. From upright bass and horns, to flowing piano and pedal steel, each track takes you on an effortless journey. The progression is ever-evolving as the music tells a story of love in all its intimate forms.

My Mouth, the Sea is an album rich with texture and mood, driven by Hall’s distinct luxurious voice and Woodburn’s folky acoustic guitar. Orchestral pop influences can be heard throughout the production, but the pair never strays from their heart for the kind of raw melodic passages that stay with you.

"We have been performing as a duo for a couple of years now, and are excited to start playing with a full band,” says Hall. “This will offer performances with a different kind of energy. We always felt like there was something more to our sound that we wanted to create. For the album, all the instruments we had been hearing in our heads were finally able to come to life.”

With Woodburn doubling as the producer by recording at his Portland-based studio, New North Sound, the two decided to go big. “We have been working in the studio for over a year,” Woodburn says. “The outcome is an album that has been thought through every step of the way. All the fat has been trimmed, and what we’ve left for the listener are highlights collected from three years of songwriting.”

The album has a wide array of arrangements, but the duo felt it necessary to keep a couple tracks for showcasing the vulnerability that their original following connected with so well. “Fearless” and “Rich As Can Be” are just two examples.

"We are eager to see what our support community thinks of some of the bigger, more upbeat tracks, such as ‘The Stone,’ and how they fit into the popular musical landscape of today," says Woodburn.

"The title track, My Mouth, the Sea, comes from a bit of a broken place, but a place which is also very sincere,” Hall adds. “All my life I have been accused of being overly sensitive. I say how I feel and what I think with a person, particularly a lover. This leaves me completely transparent, but often leaves the other opaque. To allow yourself that kind of freedom and comfort with another is beautiful, but mostly…and sometimes only…when it is returned, do you at last become equals.”

This explanation also greatly applies to the name of our band, Goose & Fox,” she continues. “It’s about an age-old relationship, and about questioning who truly has the upper hand.”

When asked if there is a theme or message throughout the album, Hall is quick to answer.

"Definitely love. Communication, trust…lack thereof. It’s really all of the good and the bad that comes from loving."

My Mouth, the Sea will be performed live with a full band, for its release on September 11th, 2013 at the Doug Fir Lounge.